Invest your money where your values are

Invest in the world’s most impactful sustainable funds through an investment portfolio tailored to your values

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I love the idea of putting money in things I value. And you plant trees when I invest. Win win.

Garath Bester
Garath Bester

Grünfin helps you to help yourself and save the better world to children.

Märt Helmja
Märt Helmja

A trustworthy (licensed) investing platform, where your money will be invested in best possible assets for our planet.

Heili Aavola
Heili Aavola

Grünfin helps to build a more caring and sustainable world through investing into companies that have a mission to take care of this world and living beings.

Maria Uuetoa
Maria Uuetoa

A future-focused portfolio

In a time of low-carbon economy transition and purpose-driven businesses, investing sustainably is a long-term winning strategy.

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Expert selection of funds

Using more than twenty factors, our investment team screens 300,000 funds for low-cost, high-performing funds (ETFs) that deliver true impact.

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Giving your money a voice

Helping your money have an impact is our top priority. We engage with large companies in our portfolios to drive them towards positive change.

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We help you see the impact of your investments

You know exactly what you're investing in.

How we invest

Your investments benefit the planet and society along with providing financial returns.

Your funds are ranked highest by independent sustainability ratings providers.

We engage with large, global companies to take actions that represent your values.

We invest for the long term and through low-cost funds.

Sustainable investing 4× growth despite difficult markets in 2022.

Global sustainable fund assets

We push corporate change via Shareholder Activism.

Through our partnership with ShareAction, we combine impact investing with activism.

How? We engage with some of the world's largest companies to influence their sustainability agenda.

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Graph source: Morningstar Direct Global Sustainable Fund Flows reports. Morningstar's global sustainable fund universe encompasses open-end and exchange-traded funds that, by prospectus or other regulatory filings, claim to focus on sustainability, impact or ESG factors. Note: All yearly figures as of Q4, except 2022 which is as of Q3.


Portfolios below €1,000 are free
All portfolio management costs covered by a single monthly fee of €3.90
A success fee if your portfolio performs better than the set target. Read more →

Increase your company’s impact with meaningful benefits

  1. Attract and retain the best talent
  2. Increase your employees' financial literacy
  3. Demonstrate impact in reports for investors

Trusted by the teams at

We are licensed and operating EU-wide. Now accessible for more than 447 million people. We are offering the services under law of The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2014/65/EU (MiFID II).
The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2014/65/EU (MiFID II)
More questions?

Here are some frequently asked ones

Is my money safe in Grünfin?

There are two types of risk you need to consider - instrument risk (something happening to the funds that you invest your money in via Grünfin) and operational risk (something happening to Grünfin as a company).

Since we invest your money in freely traded sustainable ETFs provided by reputable asset managers, your instrument risk at Grünfin is the same as with buying the ETFs via your bank.

In the extreme case of Grünfin’s failure or insolvency, we will transfer your assets, i.e. the sustainable ETFs in your portfolio, to a securities account in your bank. This means you will not lose your investment even if Grünfin is required to shut down.

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What’s in my Grünfin portfolio?

We set up a personalised Grünfin portfolio based on your values and financial goals. You can see the selection of instruments and all the details when you sign up and answer a few questions.

Grünfin invests your money in carefully selected exchange-traded funds (ETFs). ETFs are a great low-risk instrument if you’re only just starting out investing. But even if you have an investment portfolio already, you may want to diversify or add sustainable instruments to it. In this case, you can take a hands-off approach by investing sustainably with Grünfin. We’ve already done the work of finding the best instruments, we’ve minimised transaction costs into a fixed fee, and we’ll manage your portfolio for you, including rebalancing when needed.

In addition, we directly engage with large companies in our portfolios to drive them towards positive change and do even more regarding climate change, workforce conditions and public health.

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Why do you charge a monthly fee?

Grünfin’s platform is similar to a personal portfolio manager, as you get to invest based on your values.

We charge a €3.90 monthly fee to cover all operational, holding and transaction expenses that occur in the process of investing your money into sustainable instruments. This means that you never have to incur any additional transaction costs.

If you were to replicate all the transactions for your Grünfin portfolio in a regular investment account, you would be very likely to pay significantly more.

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