Invest in a sustainable future

Set up a Life Startup Fund for your child or a Freedom Fund for yourself and contribute to a sustainable world.

Build your own sustainable portfolio

Invest in future and a better, more sustainable world.

Invest based on your values

Address climate change, gender equality or health challenges.

The team is always on your side

A pricing model that assures we're aligned in our goals.

How it works

  1. Choose your monthly contributionSelect the amount you’d like to invest each month, and pick the time period.
  2. Choose your sustainability focusSelect the issues you care about most to focus your investments.
    Climate Change
  3. Choose your risk levelTake a quick test to assess the level of risk you’re comfortable with. We’ll suggest a portfolio with suitable sustainable investments.
  4. Start investingYour regular investments will bring about a better future.
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Sustainable investing for everyone

Values-based and sustainable investing has grown in popularity. Yet, it's still not accessible or simple enough. We know that there are millions of people out there who, like us, care about their kids as well as the environment they leave behind for the next generation. The problem is they can’t find a product that would make it easy to invest in both. With our backgrounds in banking, investing, fintech, and startups, we decided to build the product that we would want to use — a simple, caring way to invest in your child’s future and contribute to a better world.


Our client portfolios are built from the best sustainable Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) in the world. We view investments in the major market indices through the lens of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with a special focus on Climate Change, Gender Equality, and Health.

These ETFs are provided by the world's top asset managers. We are screening the best sustainable ETFs across all service providers and with no preference.

Investing your money where your values are, you do not need to compromise your returns. Sustainable investing allows you to support the causes you believe in and earn market based returns.


If you invest monthly
200 EUR
21 years
The target value of your portfolio is
112 896 EUR
plus we plant
252 trees

Our pricing model is set up to motivate us to reach your portfolio goals — so we’re always on your side.

Pay a fixed monthly fee similar to your morning coffee and a performance-based success fee.

We provide an indicative gain target for your portfolio and charge success fee only on the amount that exceeds the target.

And one more thing. The more you invest, the more trees we plant.

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