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Your money is your vote

Our financial decisions do not just affect profits or losses - they also affect the world around us. That’s why we are on a mission to make sustainable investing easy and accessible so that everyone can invest based on their values.

Grünfin is now a Europe-wide financial institution

The Estonian Financial Supervision Authority approved Grünfin's application to expand our services in the European Economic Area. Now we can embark on an even more exciting journey off to new countries, make values-based investing mainstream and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Meet the team: Alvar Lumberg

Alvar Lumberg is CTO and co-founder of Grünfin, the sustainable investing platform. We talked about his lessons from Wise, investment principles and more.

Meet the team: Karin Nemec

Karin Nemec is the CEO and co-founder of Grünfin. Read about her journey from banking and discovering sustainable finance to founding Grünfin.