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6 great ideas for thoughtful, non-stuff Christmas gifts

Have you ever second-guessed all those holiday gifts – because you’d like your holiday season to be more about family time, or you’re just not sure the world can take any more stuff?

On top of that, a 2014 study in the US found that 75% of people “probably won’t like” their Christmas gifts.

Still, a lot of us value the thoughtfulness that comes with a gift — someone showing you that they know you closely and have taken the time to come up with something special.

(Want to give someone a sustainable investment portfolio as a gift? Check out the Grünfin gift card.)

Here are six of our favourite thoughtful gift ideas for special occasions that aren’t stuff.

1. A day-hike

Being outdoors with loved ones can make for a great gift – and a memorable day for everyone involved. Try hiking on nearby trails, and don’t forget the thermos.

You can use sites like AllTrails or RMK (in Estonia) to find local attractions and put together a route near you.

2. A class for a passion

Make someone’s secret wish come true with guitar lessons or a cooking class. It’s like opening a whole new world of possibilities.

Websites like Masterclass or Udemy allow you to give a course as a gift, or you can even get a monthly subscription.

3. Tickets to a show

Whether it’s a concert or play, it’s hard to go wrong with gifting a night out. Even bad experiences, like a terrible movie or an embarrassing comedian, can be fun in the right company.

Get them a season ticket at the opera, or go to a stand-up comedy show together.

4. Museum pass

Do they enjoy art or photography? Give them a reason to visit their favourite museum more often.

Fotografiska and Kumu both have an annual pass offer, and so does the Estonian National Museum.

5. Time

Young parents appreciate time alone or as a couple more than anything else. Giving them a day off is the perfect gift — they’ll love it. You can have a game night with the kids, while they enjoy a movie night or simply a nice dinner.

Providing a voucher for a home-cooked meal is also a terrific idea. If they can’t go to a restaurant, let the restaurant come to them.

6. An investment option

Instead of spending on a gift today, invest money in someone’s future dreams. By investing sustainably, they’ll also be making a positive impact on the world. This is an especially great gift for someone who hasn’t started saving yet.

Grünfin now offers a gift card just for this, and you can buy it without even having to sign up. You can give it to a friend or family member, even if they don’t invest or have a Grünfin account yet. Helping to set it up can be the thing you do together.

Read more about the Grünfin gift card

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