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Your Gender Equality Portfolio Impact. A more equal world!

We know figuring out the impact of your investments is a difficult exercise with often vague and subjective conclusions. Therefore, we aim to describe it for you as concretely as possible across our three portfolio themes of climate, gender equality and health.

Your Gender Equality Portfolios creating a more equal world

In the gender equality theme we mainly show you the number of women on corporate boards and compare it against the broad stock market, the S&P 500 stock index.

The board of directors is arguably the most powerful group in a company as it’s responsible for setting strategy and overseeing top managers like the CEO.

We invest you in an ETF ranking highly in gender equality as per the criteria of Equileap, an independent organization. This means you invest in companies scoring highly for women in terms of:

  • promotions,
  • equal pay,
  • parental leave,
  • flexible working hours,
  • sexual harassment,
  • human rights,
  • safety,
  • women empowerment,
  • training opportunities,
  • management representation,
  • and a few more.

Examples of companies in your gender equality portfolio

Some of the companies in this portfolio are:

L’Oreal (consumer goods):

  • 55% women on key positions,
  • 50% women on board of directors,
  • €50million to educate and support professional projects of vulnerable women globally suffering from financial hardship, domestic abuse, refugees;

American Express (financial services):

  • Reached 100% gender pay equity globally,
  • 53% of total workforce is women,
  • Fortune 100 Best Workplaces for Women—ranked #2;

Unilever (consumer goods):

  • 52% of women in management,
  • UK median pay 3,8% higher than men.

See the impact of your climate portfolio and health portfolio .Your money really creates the change!

It’s worth clarifying that these companies apply to your stock investments. Bond investing is a bit more challenging as the availability is less, but your bond allocation is still invested in ETFs promoting sustainability characteristics, albeit, more general and less specific to the theme.

Your holdings may change over time, but we hope this gives you a good idea of what’s inside your portfolio.

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