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Enough of receiving useless gifts? Get a sustainable, eco-friendly gift that grows in time.

Making gifts is a lovely tradition. Once you start receiving the gifts you don’t like, need or want. Or even worse - making the gift that gives the receiver the same emotions.

Grünfin “Get Gifts” feature - the growing gift that contributes to your ETF savings plan

Can I gift stocks? How to choose stocks to gift - Apple vs. Google? Technology over Beauty? USA stock market vs. Europe stock market?

Tough questions and difficult implementations and answers. That’s why we have the option to support the less-risky and world’s most sustainable ETF savings plan.

With Grünfin, you can send a link to all your friends who are about to gift you and let them know that you would appreciate the contribution to your “around the world trip” or “dreams come true” portfolio.

Get Gifts Feature in Grünfin

Why give a try to “get gifts” feature?

  • Wealth over waste - every contribution counts for the receiver;
  • A gift that grows in time and helps to fulfill dreams;
  • No more unwanted gifts or useless stuff;
  • The time you can win from the shopping;
  • Gift with a positive footprint - supporting companies who treat the planet and
  • Using the feature is free, easy for anyone, and always matches your budget because you decide it yourself.
  • You can also decide for Grünfin gift card.

Where to find “Get Gifts” feature?

You can find Get Gifts feature while logging in to your portfolio (or sign up).

  1. Log in to your Grünfin portfolio (or sign up if you do not have portfolio yet)
  2. Find “Get gifts” tab
  3. Share your personal link and get sustainable gifts from your friends!

Grünfin ETF account plan - for who?

Grünfin is making sustainable impact investing affordable and easy for everyone who cares about the financial returns as well as the planet in the long term.

You can open a sustainable savings account for yourself or your child.

So it does not matter if you will collect savings for your kids' future, purchase your dream home, or for a trip worldwide - what would be better to receive your dream earlier?

Facts about unwanted gifts. Did you know that :

  • Over 21 million Brits receive a gift they do not want, totaling over £5 billion.
  • Millennials (71%) have received an unwanted gift more than any other generation.
  • $15.2 billion is the estimated total of unwanted presents. (USA)
  • 15% of European people get gifts they don’t like
  • 41 % of toys or gifts purchased during Christmas, by March, will have been broken or children will be bored of them
  • “Sustainable” and" eco" gifts are trending searches before Christmas.

Each € matters and creates a better future

Did you know that 10% of Europeans go into debt due to Christmas shopping?

Because useless things also cost a lot. The best thing about Grünfin’s “Get gifts” is that you contribute as much as you can or wish - despite knowing it simultaneously serves the better future and the planet.

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