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Grünfin at Unicorn59

At the online event Unicorn59 on April 20th, seven startups will pitch their vision on how to make our planet more sustainable. Grünfin is one of them.

Did you know that Tallinn has the highest number of startups per person among European countries?

Estonia may have only 1.3 million people, but it’s home to 10 unicorns valued at $1B+. And this is not where the story should end. In fact, Estonia aims to have 25 unicorns by 2025.

So, who will be the 11th unicorn?

To find out, the people behind Estonia’s flagship startup conference Latitude59 got together and created the event Unicorn59.

Unicorn59 is an online event on April 20th where seven startups will pitch their vision. And Grünfin will be one of them. We are in good company with Clanbeat, Single.Earth, Woola, Fyma, AuveTech, and Yanu.

All the startups on stage are contributing to making an impact on our planet and a more sustainable and inclusive habitat.

Unicorn59 will feature a fireside chat with startup community leaders and a showcase of Estonian startups pitching their visions.

The opening words will be by Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

The guides through this event will be Carlos Paniagua, CTO and co-founder of Estonia’s newest unicorn Glia and 2021’s foreign founder of the year, and Kaidi Ruusalepp, CEO and founder of the soon-to-be unicorn Funderbeam and President of the Estonian Founders Society.

Estonia already is one of the top startup ecosystems in the world. Impact and sustainability are the trending topics and more startups are addressing these topics.

So, this year’s event is entirely devoted to the question of how Estonia can create the most sustainable and inclusive startup ecosystem in the world?

We at Grünfin are pleased that the topic of sustainability is in focus. And we are happy that we can pitch our vision at Unicorn59.

Every investor can have a huge impact, no matter how much or how little they are investing. But the problem is a lack of investing platforms that truly stand for personal values and sustainable development of the future.

Grünfin was built to fix this so that you can align your money with your personal values and have the power to impact the world.

Investing in a more sustainable planet is more likely to succeed if more of us do so.

We hope to see a future where all investment decisions are based not just on profit, but also on impact.

We can make an impact together.

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