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Grünfin awarded for Innovation at the Baltic Sustainability Awards!

We are excited to reveal that Grünfin was selected as the winner of the Innovation prize at the Baltic Sustainability Awards. 🎉

In competition with 300 applications and 24 outstanding sustainability innovation achievements, Grünfin won the Innovation category for startups.

We are extremely happy to see the importance of values-based and impact-focused sustainable investing being highlighted by the award.

What are the Baltic Sustainability Awards?

The Rimi Baltic Sustainability Awards were set up to celebrate the region’s innovators, changemakers, and leaders in sustainability.

It brings together Baltic business leaders, greentech startups, organizations, and aspiring individuals to celebrate their triumphs and innovations in sustainability. ​​

How do they decide winners?

The methodology to assess applicants was designed by Plan A, one of Europe’s leading greentech companies that provides carbon accounting solutions.

A jury that included sustainability experts, start-up founders, investors and industry consultants then helped to assess finalists.

They considered the company’s potential to have a lasting impact on society or the environment, and its ability to scale to benefit the largest number of people in the most meaningful way.

Grünfin competed in the Innovation category, which was open for companies that have a positive environmental impact at its core. Applicants had to have developed a new technology in the area of sustainability or greentech.

Why do we need innovation in investing?

Studies show that investing sustainably can be more than 20x more impactful than giving up flying, becoming a vegetarian, and moving to a renewable energy provider combined. It’s the most impactful choice that few know about.

Innovation in finance (along with innovation in technology and business models) can help us tackle issues like the climate crisis, healthcare challenges or growing inequality.

We need hundreds of millions of responsible investors who are concerned with impact as well as returns. This is the reason why Grünfin’s mission is to make values-based and impact-focused investing easy and accessible.

We hope you join us on our journey! 🙌


Start your sustainable investment with Grünfin. We help you invest your money where your values are.

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