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Hey, planet! Will you be my valentine this year?

It’s Valentine’s Day. Couples and lovers go crazy because they desperately need a gift for their loved ones to show their affection.

Have you ever questioned that?

Of course, we don’t want to stop you from giving a gift to your loved one or a very good friend.

A lot of us value the thoughtfulness that comes with a gift. A gift that shows that someone has taken the time to come up with something special.

But we decided not to sing the same old love song.

Instead, we came up with a different idea this Valentine’s Day.

How about making a gift to our planet?

Give someone a sustainable investment portfolio as a Valentine’s gift.

Not only will you make your loved ones happy, but you’ll also be doing something good for the planet at the same time.

It’s our so-called “no-stuff gift tradition”.

The benefits?

  • No more stuff that wears down our planet.
  • You have a real impact on the planet’s future.
  • You provide opportunities to your loved ones.

And guess what? It’s super easy! You can customise the card with a personal message, different design themes, and the amount you’d like to give.

And don’t worry! You and your friend or loved one don’t need to be investment experts.

At Grünfin we’ve made it as simple as signing up for a Netflix subscription – because investing should be easier than spending. We want to make values-based investing mainstream and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Match your money with your values and make someone a gift that gives back to our beloved planet.

You can use a Grünfin gift card for someone’s existing portfolio, or a new one.

That said, if you don’t feel like giving someone else a gift, why not open a sustainable investment portfolio for yourself? What’s better than having a Valentine’s date with the planet? 😉

Check out our Grünfin gift card.

Or create your own portfolio.

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