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Starting with Grünfin is now free of charge

To make sustainable investing more accessible, we’ve decided to make investing free for portfolios under €1000.

As of today, when you sign up to invest with Grünfin, you will not pay any fees until your portfolio reaches €1000.

After that, you’ll be paying a flat fee of €3.90 every month. This includes all transactional expenses, holding expenses, our expert selection of impact-focused funds and regularly rebalancing your portfolio. No extra charges for changing or closing your portfolio either.

We’re also waiving already paid fees for our existing customers whose portfolio value is below €1000.

Why did we decide to do this?

Our goal is to make sustainable investing accessible to everyone, in order to drive more capital towards impact. This includes making it easy to start off, even with small sums.

It was important to us that monthly fees wouldn’t eat up a large part of your investment. After all, we want your portfolio to be profitable, in addition to contributing to a sustainable world.

Our flat fee structure was always favourable towards large portfolios, to make sure as much of your money as possible is going towards impact.

Now, we’ve made sure that annual fees for people who start off with smaller contributions will also be highly competitive with other investment products.

Investing in true impact

While we prioritise impact in our investments and most of our customers start investing with Grünfin because they want to be part of a positive change, we don’t think of sustainable investing as charity.

You should be able to earn market-based returns on your investments while making sure that they are fully sustainable and impact-focused.

This way, we can truly make a difference.

Get started investing with Grünfin now.

Grünfin free of charge up to €1000

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