The No-Stuff Gift Tradition

Can the world really take any more stuff? Introducing a new holiday gift tradition — giving experiences and opportunities.

No more gifts that wear down our planet

Help to put an end to the flood of plastic toys, scented candles and ill-fitting sweaters.

Stop the waste of money

Some gifts are from the heart; others just drain our wallets and our nerves.

Put the “holy” back in holidays

Rather than spending time shopping for gifts, spend it with your friends and family.

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The case against more stuff

Have you ever seen a child overwhelmed by Christmas gifts, each next gift cancelling out the excitement of the last?

Or shed a tear over that expensive, absolutely awkward pair of leather gloves from a well-meaning person, knowing that you're never going to wear them?

Above all, many of us want to spend less money on things and more time with one another.

As a result, many holiday celebrants have been rethinking and revising their long-held gift-giving traditions-or, in some cases, scrapping them altogether.

Ultimately, we value thoughtfulness in a gift — someone showing you that they know you and are prepared to take the time to give you something special. But does it need to be stuff?

The no-stuff gifts that show you care

If you want to avoid or reduce the amount of stuff you receive or give, here are some options.

A day-hike

Being outdoors with a loved one can make for a memorable day for both of you. Try hiking on nearby trails, and don't forget the thermos.

An investment option

Instead of spending on a gift today, invest money in their future dreams. By investing sustainably, you're also making a positive impact for our world.

A class for a passion

Make someone’s secret wish come true with guitar lessons or a cooking class. It's like opening a whole new world of possibilities.


Young parents appreciate time alone or as a couple more than anything else. Give them a day off — they’ll love it.

Tickets to a show

Whether it's a concert or play, it's hard to go wrong. Even bad experiences can be fun in the right company.

Museum membership

Do they enjoy art or photography? Give them a reason to visit their favorite museum more often.

A gift card from Grünfin

Grünfin is a sustainable investment platform for people that care about their impact.

A small sum of money that’s allowed to grow over a long period of time can turn into a useful fund for the future. It’s not a gift that the recipient can benefit from right away but it can provide a sense of security - plus, with Grünfin, benefit the planet.

You don’t need to be an investment expert to start saving up with Grünfin. We’ve made it as simple as signing up for a Netflix subscription – because investing should be easier than spending.

You can use a Grünfin gift card for someone’s existing portfolio, or a new one.
I set up a Grünfin portfolio for my daughter so that she would have more freedom in choosing what she does once she starts adult life.”
I like the idea of investing in things that have some positive impact.”
I’ve recommended it to my friends that do not have any savings accounts set up yet.”

More questions?
Here are some frequently asked ones

Do you need to have a Grünfin account to send or receive the gift card?

Neither of the parties need to be a customer of Grünfin at the time of giving the gift. You can set up a Grünfin account when you redeem the gift card. In the sign-up process, we will ask you about your preferences to put together a personalised values-based portfolio, which you can also customise later. You can also choose to set up regular payments to your account.

Can a child accept the gift card?

At the time, parents need to create an account and a portfolio for their underage children. However, involving children in the process is a great opportunity for educating them about the value of money and the meaning of investing.

What’s the expiration date of the gift card?

The expiration date is 6 months after the purchase date of the gift card.

Do you serve customers outside the EU?

At the time, we can only serve customers within the EU.