Our story

What kind of future do you imagine?

The story of Grünfin started with our female founders – Triin and Karin. Both caring about their children and the sustainable development of the world. We all know the world is on an unsustainable track – we’re fighting the climate crisis, health challenges and growing inequality, all at once.
Money has the power to create change, transform and design the way we live. But how conscious are we in financial matters and in asking ourselves what kind of a world our savings will help to bring about?

It’s difficult for regular people to invest based on their values. At the same time, socially responsible investing can be one of the most impactful things a person can do to change the world for the better. In Grünfin we make sustainable investing easy for everyone so that we unlock the power of capital to redesign our world.

Today, we see three major barriers to getting started in sustainable investing for most of us
  • Finding your own way around the world of sustainable investing and portfolio management is demanding
  • Transaction costs make it difficult to invest with smaller amounts
  • Bank products are set up to profit banks not customers
With our backgrounds in banking, investing, fintech, and startups, we built the product we want to use — a simple, caring way to invest in your child’s future and contribute to a better world.