Financial literacy course: from financial stress to financial wellbeing

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Team feedback on the financial literacy training

Financial literacy training at your team event:

  1. Helps reduce team financial anxiety and increase financial literacy.

  2. When personal finances are in order, one can better focus on work and create more value for the employer.

  3. Investing and saving are popular.

    Educate people on practical topics!

An example of how to structure financial literacy training

  1. Module #1: Everyday financial literacy (1h)

      Saving habits, financial planning, building a safety net and ensuring a peace of mind for unexpected events.

  2. Module #2: The Golden Rules and Myths of Investing

      Why should everyone save and grow their money, what advantage does starting young give, and how to avoid financial scams?

  3. Module #3: Asset Classes and Investment Strategies for everyone (1h)

      Approach to asset classes, investment strategy, and knowledge that everyone can be an investor.

Presented by Liisi Kirch


• Investing experience since 2010 • Has done financial literacy courses since 2015 • Co-author to numerous thematic study materials • Master's degree in Business Finance from TalTech University • Experiences from different asset classes including stocks, bonds, real estate, loans, commodities, crypto currencies etc • Superpower: explains complex topics in a simple manner.

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Questions about the financial literacy course or wish to have it for your team?

Leave us your contacts, and we will agree on the meeting to answer all the questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides training, is there anything else that company can do for their employees financial literacy?

Yes. You can also create a savings plan for your employees. Grünfin offers an easy-to-integrate solution for saving and investing money in green ETFs.

What is important to note while choosing financial literacy training?

Make sure your trainer is an expert in financial literacy. Also, think about and discuss the level of your team's knowledge with the potential trainer so everyone gets the most out of it. You can also consider whether you wish to have one-time training or meet several times and have the training instead as seminars.

How much does the financial literacy training cost?

At Grünfin, we understand that each company unique. That's why the prices wary as the training is tailored for your needs. We'll discuss the structure, duration, and topics to be covered in advance, ensuring the training aligns perfectly with your requirements.

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