Karin Nemec

Karin believes in the power of finance to make things happen.

As a mother of two, she cares about sustainability of the planet and has aligned her investment decisions with her family values. In her eyes, investing through the lens of ESGs and UN Sustainable Development Goals is not only the right and good thing to do, but also leads to better risk-return ratios as climate change accelerates and physical risks materialize.

Before becoming an investment manager and impact-focused investor, she worked for more than 10 years at Swedbank, the largest retail bank in Sweden, as a Director of the Corporate Products division. She holds a Global Executive MBA degree from the IESE Business School since 2011. She’s an expert in Sustainable Finance certified by the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

Triin Hertmann

With 20 years of experience in the international finance and technology world, Triin has helped to build companies like Skype and TransferWise from very early stages to worldwide unicorns.

She believes that every technology product should make the world a better place and focus on maximizing customer happiness. As a mother of two small children and a long-time investor, she’s keen on building the best possible product for parents like herself.

Prior to joining the Skype Finance team in 2005 to build local finance and planning processes in Estonia, she worked in private equity and corporate finance. Joining TransferWise in 2011 as the second employee, she was part of the management team building payment operations, finance and offices, and later joined the People team. She holds an MA degree in Organizational Behavior, and degrees in International Finance and Accounting.

Alvar Lumberg

Alvar has accumulated wide experience in building product development teams and fintech systems and integrations over his career in banking and fintech over the past 20 years.

Through the recent years he's always felt his next endeavour would be in the field of sustainable development. He strongly believes in mission driven products. His personal mission with Grünfin is to empower people to make values-based investments in sustainable businesses. He is a father of three, an avid traveller, runner and hiker.

Alvar has a background in CRM, lending and online banking teams of Swedbank Estonia. Through his journey there he led the technical launch of a new internet bank in Latvia and Lithuania and architected a flexible loan applications processing and scoring system. As an early employee of TransferWise, he built and managed product engineering teams there for 7 years.