Kids’ investment account with a positive impact

Ensure financial security for their adulthood

  1. Prepare kids for life

    Regular small, affordable amounts can build up to larger amounts over many years.

  2. Build a sustainable and green world

    Regular small, affordable amounts can build up to larger amounts over many years.

  3. Invest stress-free with ease

    Choose the themes close to your heart — we do the rest!

  4. Grow your money wisely

    Set up a long-term diversified investment plan with low and transparent costs.

Why and How to Save Money for Children?

Gifts to fulfil future dreams

You can give a meaningful gift for any occasion, whether it's a holiday, birthday, or any in-between day. You can easily gift investments or ask them directly into your portfolio, every € matters and has the long-term impact!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the child portfolio belong to?

As a parent, you are the legal owner of your child’s portfolio. This means that only you can access, modify and close the portfolio.

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Who can make payments to the child's portfolio?

We expect that payments to your child’s portfolio are made from your personal bank account. Of course, family members and friends can contribute to the portfolio via gift cards or bank transfers.

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Is my money safe in Grünfin?

At Grünfin, the safekeeping of your assets is our top priority.

We are regulated as an investment firm by the Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority. The license allows us to provide securities portfolio management services for clients and securities custody and management services as an ancillary service, and to provide related activities in the European Economic Area.

Your investments are protected by the Investor Compensation Scheme for up to 20 000 EUR.

Your funds are always kept separate from our company's assets, providing an additional layer of security.

Most importantly, the assets in your Grünfin portfolio are always yours. You have the freedom to sell your investments and withdraw your money whenever you need to.

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