The No-Stuff Gift Tradition

Gift a sustainable investing portfolio to lower the footprint on planet

No more stuff that wears down our planet

Impact the planet’s future

Provide opportunities to your beloved ones

Get a Grünfin gift card



Grünfin helps you create a sustainable investing portfolio and make a positive impact on the world.

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A gift card from Grünfin

Grünfin is a sustainable investment platform for people that care about their impact.

In Grünfin we are making investing impactful to serve the planet better. Gift a sustainable investment portfolio and lower the footprint on planet.

One doesn’t need to be an investment expert to start saving with Grünfin. We’ve made it as simple as signing up for a Netflix subscription – because investing should be easier than spending.

You can use a Grünfin gift card for someone’s existing portfolio, or a new one.

Get gifts - receive gifts into your portfolio!

Enough of receiving useless gifts? Get a sustainable, eco-friendly gift that grows in time.

Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. 1

    Create the link!

    Share your personal link with your friends and family.

  2. 2

    Share your wish!

    Let them know that you would appreciate the contribution to your "trip around the world" or "dreams come true" portfolio more than physical things.

  3. 3

    Receive Gifts!

    Personalized wishes & gifts that are good for the planet and grow in time will land directly in your portfolio.

You can find the Get Gifts feature while logging in to your portfolio (or sign up to have a portfolio).

More questions?
Here are some frequently asked ones

Do you need to have a Grünfin account to send or receive the gift card?

Neither of the parties need to be a customer of Grünfin at the time of giving the gift.

You can set up a Grünfin account when you redeem the gift card. In the sign-up process, we will ask you about your preferences to put together a personalised values-based portfolio, which you can also customise later. You can also choose to set up regular payments to your account.

Can a child accept the gift card?

At the time, parents need to create an account and a portfolio for their underage children. However, involving children in the process is a great opportunity for educating them about the value of money and the meaning of investing.

What’s the expiration date of the gift card?

The expiration date is 6 months after the purchase date of the gift card.